I am from the beautiful coastal province of Nova Scotia, but now live in La Belle Province in the vibrant, artsy, multi-cultural and unofficially bilingual city of Montreal. I came here for the love of the city  and to learn french and have since made it my home.

Lost in the woods of Montreal

Food is important to me. It is not only about creating tasty dishes, but about how food connects us to others- our friends, families or farmers! The goal of this blog is not only to share some great recipes, but to create a conversation about food, where it comes from, why we enjoy it and how it makes us feel. This blog is intended to be a conversation from my kitchen to yours, and from your kitchen to mine._MG_1574

My style of cooking based on a whole foods diet. To me, this means using as many local and organic ingredients as I can, exploring different grains, flours and beans, and using unrefined sweeteners and healthy fats and oils. I have a few minor food sensitivities, which means that I need to moderate with my intake of wheat, sugars and dairy products, which is reflected in my cooking style. And I eat a lot of veggies, though not vegetarian.

Please share with me any thoughts, comments or ideas that you have. I look forward to hearing from you!